Sunday, 17 June 2012


Hello everyone, another lovely weekend at home (not lovely weather, but you can't have everything). On Saturday I went to friends for a roast dinner - it was requested that I made my coffee and walnut cake because it went down so well last time! I must say, good company and good food made a happy day.

Saturday night was one of those nights when sleep won't come, I was still up and reading at 2.30 because I just couldn't get sleepy and when dreams finally did come they were of the strange variety, about a pair of twins and an oboe - make of it what you will Freud. So yesterday morning I awoke with grit in the eyes and a raspy throat and throbbing head that signifies lack of sleep. My mood did improve when I opened the curtains and saw a ram, 3 sheep and 2 lambs wandering around opposite the house. Not sure where they had wandered from, but they seemed quite happy and were fortunately more interested in the grit container than my lupins.

They brightened my day.

I was very lazy yesterday and spent most of the time lying in front of the tv watching afternoon films and Gardeners World on i-player. Cooked a couple of pork chops with new potatoes and drifted around. It was heavenly. The only low point was buying my car tax and a couple of train tickets which set me back £200. Have you ever noticed that however frugal you are, some things cost massive amounts of money compared with what you actually live on?

So today, I am up very early (5.30) as I am off to the airport for a quick trip to work in Guernsey for 3 nights. When I am back on Thursday, I am back for 8 days though - hooray! Let's hope for some good weather finally. Not sure if I will be online - it depends if internet is free in the hotel or not. If not, I will catch up with you all on my return.


  1. Hope you have a good journey Dan. Lovely to see sheep and goats across from your house. It's nice to laze around now and again recharging our batteries...we all need it. Take care x x

  2. You certainly get around a bit don't you - no wonder you enjoy your time at home.

  3. Oh, that sounds like a lovely weekend! I had a similar one--had friends round for dinner, expected warmer weather than I got but still enjoyed the days, and generally relaxed. No rams in my neck of the woods, though. ;)

  4. Safe journey and safe return.
    Love from Mum

  5. Good friends, good food, good times at home, can't ask for more. Except maybe triplets and a clarinet? LOL!

  6. Yes. Mainly my car! Believe me as soon as I can get rid of it (September!) it's gone! I don't have the same love for this car as I did my first one, my beloved purple Micra!

    Eugh, so far this year, my car has cost well over £1000 I think, with fuel, car repairs, road tax and insurance.

    What else? Well if I save 10% of my paycheck as soon as I get it, then I compare that to how much I spend on other stuff, it seems pretty insignificant! I do save what's left at the end of the paypacket too, but still!

  7. Have a nice time. Catch up with you on your return.

  8. you are easily pleased dan!
    Jewish Momma wants to know how "things" are going?