Tuesday, 30 July 2013

The grand unveiling

I've finished my arbour!
A friend of mine has nicknamed it the Moomin House, because it reminds him of the house from the cartoon I used to watch 30 years ago called the Moomins.
It just started raining as I finished it and it does exactly what I wanted it to - keeps me dry! It was very hard to construct by myself I must admit and should probably have tried to get someone to help me, but I perservered and am thrilled with the results.

I think it compliments the garden pretty well, I'm sure you will agree.

Monday, 29 July 2013

Summer garden photos

The weather is still a bit grey and rainy today, but I went out and took some garden photos anyway as it is looking nice.

 It is a riot of colour and everything looks so healthy out there.

Looking back at the house past the inferno of runner beans.

The new bed. It has done very well, although the nasturtiums are slightly past their best. They will look better when the next flowers come.The foxgloves were at their peak 2 weeks ago but I still like the long green seed stems.

Giant daisies always make me smile.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Sorry for my absence.

Hello everyone,
Yes, it has been weeks, I know. Thanks to those messages asking me if i was ok - nice to be missed. I am fine thanks, just been away working a lot and when home just overwhelmed with so much to do.
My garden is looking glorious. I was very worried because i was away for the 10 days we had of glorious weather. Amazingly, not only did everything survive, but it all positively thrived. I will take some photos on the next nice day.
Most of my time since I returned has been taken up with the bathroom refit. Gosh, bathrooms are hard. I think perhaps I have bitten off more than I can chew, and it takes a lot for me to admit that. I have everything installed but the u-bends leak on both the sink and the bath. Bugger. I am thinking it is time to call in a professional to just stop the leaks before I go any further. Well, at least I have installed everything and laid the new floor. once the leaky u-bends are started I can get going on the tiling and finish the thing off. I have been without sink and bath/shower since last Thursday and it is wearing. At least the loo is in, working and pretty (as pretty as any loo can be) and I have put in an outside tap. The shower seems to be ok too, although I can't use it until the other problems are sorted and I have tiled.
I'm off to France for 11 days on Thursday (work) so it would be great to at least get a few things finished before I go. My most exciting thing is that I am building a covered arbour in the corner of my garden. Another difficult one man job, but it will be worth it. What I discovered in the mini heatwave was that it was simply too hot in my South facing garden with no shade at all (boohoo I hear you cry) so decided a covered arbour would be lovely. also somewhere to sit if there is light rain too. Pictures of that to follow too, when I eventually finish it.
I'll try to get back into the swing of blogging soon, and I will try taking and uploading some pictures to make it all a bit more interesting next time.