My garden

Gardening is my absolute passion and my garden my pride and joy.  I have only been here 2 years and what I had to start with was picturesque but completely empty. Great views but not much in the way of plants and flowers. My desire is for a true cottage garden and I will get there one day, but already I am thrilled with the results. I have added trellis work, arches and a greenhouse as well as a lot of new beds, some decks and even stepping stones here and there. A couple of small trees, climbers, a new fence and a shady corner seating area.

These are photos of where it all started from, very plain but good 'bones':

2 years on, this is what I now have:

2014 will continue with the addition of a new large border, which so far has been dug out, conditioned with all sorts of extra compost and manure and planted up with some good staples - roses, a camellia, a small Japanese flowering cherry and some sarcococca confusa. Over the coming months I will add photos of how this bed developes through the Spring and Summer.