Sunday, 16 December 2018


To say I feel like a rusty old bike that has been sitting in a shed for a few years is an understatement, but as a few of you have asked for an update here goes.
So my last post was about putting in a pond, well that was done and it is lovely. Very hard work to achieve of course and anyone who has tried digging a pond in rocky land will understand where I am coming from, but I achieved it after a lot of back breaking days and was very gratified when within 2 days of completion a frog moved in. It was almost like she had been hanging around the garden waiting for me to make her home and then said 'FINALLY' and jumped in. She was soon joined by a boyfriend and lots of frog babies followed. I am very lucky when I read of others pond misfortunes that mine has not given me one second of trouble since I finished it, it is healthy and happy with pretty much no help from me and is the easiest gardening I have ever done in that I don't do anything to keep it looking nice. What they say about bringing wildlife into the garden is so true, and I have been delighted by the frogs and dragonflies and other things I can't name. I am kind of lacking in pond photos though but here is a rather stark one from when I was just finishing it.

Another big change has come in the form of me taking the big decision to lose all the grass in my back garden. It was not a decision taken lightly but in the end I realised that although it looked beautiful for about 2 months of the year, the other 10 it was a muddy, weedy mess and I had to put wellies on just to pop outside to put washing out. So I set to learning how to lay patios. Yet more back breaking work but it was worth it as I can go out in my slippers now, and although I sometimes miss the look of all that green it is more practical and still looks nice. 

Here I found a picture that shows a bit more pond although you have to look carefully.

So other things that have been happening have been big. I converted my garage into a bedroom and so freed up another room to become my music studio. I bought a beautiful grand piano with some money I inherited and the result is that my house is finally finished.

I am very pleased with the results and my teaching practice has really benefitted from it. I also learned a few skills in the process, one was to lay a floor and I have done the above floor through the whole house. I also learned to fit a kitchen and so managed to put in a brand new kitchen for £500. Gosh, learning skills certainly does save you a lot of money.

I am still going off doing some occasional operas, but for the most part I am very content with a more home centred life and am even in a very new relationship (will wonders never cease) so life is good.

My future project is making a secret garden. I am getting on with it slowly but it is not yet totally secret as a few large shrubs have to grow before that happens. But the slope down to the greenhouse is now raised beds and I am making a space under the big berberis tree.

Here is how it looks so far and I want something a bit more comfortable to sit on but next Summer will do for that.

Anyway, I have enjoyed doing this update. Thank you for your kind messages, those that sent them and for those that sent me spurious messages advertising their own blinds business or other crap, then don't bother. I do keep involved and up to date reading others blogs but I think I just ran out or words with my own. I am happy to update but didn't really want the pressure I was feeling to do it so often and so ran away for a bit. I think it could be nice to dip my toe back in but in a more informal and occasional way.