Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Requiem for an Apple Tree.

I've had to cut down a tree today, it is a bit sad because it was one of the first things I did when I moved in here, planted an apple tree. It felt like a real occasion when I did this Being rather inexperienced when I first came here I did think it was odd that the tree only ever had about 20 leaves, never flowered and didn't produce one apple, but I thought that perhaps these things took a while to establish. It was only when my mother was here earlier today that she pointed out that it was riddled with canker. Suddenly it all made sense as to why it was so sick looking and never did anything. I suppose I could have tried to rescue it but honestly I think it has been sick since the day I got it with hindsight.
So I cut my losses and cut the tree down.

Here it is, when it first went in 3 years ago, a milestone.

and now I have a new space opening up.

All gone.

So what to do now?

I'm guessing that putting in another apple in that same spot is probably a mistake, no idea if this is true or not, but rather not take the chance. Might take the opportunity to put a nice apple tree in the front garden now where there is more space.. I want to replace this one with a nice small and compact tree perhaps, Or maybe even no tree at all. I'm thinking of it as a nice opportunity to think creatively again.

On another note, I am thinking of ripping out the raised bed and putting in a pond this Summer, I like the idea of having some water in the garden, which would hopefully attract some wildlife, especially some frogs, who could gorge themselves on slugs and snails! I am having a think.......all that digging, aargh.

Another fabulous day today with the French doors open onto the garden. Hope you all enjoy the good weather as much as me.

Saturday, 4 April 2015

April, seedlings and seeds.

Looks like it is going to be a great bit of weather for a few days at last. The last nice spell saw me doing hours of weeding and getting most of the back garden beds ready for the year ahead.
My house windowsills are full to busting. My sweet peas and nasturtiums have come on a treat although I tentatively potted on the nasturtiums today and they have all fallen down so fingers crossed, I know they don't really like their roots disturbed too much. If they fail I still have time to start again though. Tomatoes are coming on ok, I am growing a few different varieties and will probably just keep two of each in the end.

A tangle of sweet peas

nasturtium all lying down.

The other windows are full of trays covered in plastic bags, which I can't wait to see green shoots emerging from.

So this is what I am growing at the moment:

Tomato - Gardener's Delight
Tomato - Moneymaker, both tried and tested before and very succesful plants.
Tomato - Tigrella
Tomato - Marmale
Tomato - Golden Sunrise
Cosmos Purity
Cosmos mixed
Sweet peas.  Alan Titchmarsh, Purple Pimpernell, Chelsea Centenery, Winston Churchill
Nasturtiums, Mixed climbing and Moonlight
Turks Turban Squash
Sunflower Valentine, Vanilla Ice, Claret
Lime Basil
Padron Chilli

And a few more besides. Lots of these were courtesy of a lovely blogger who sent me some left over seeds.

I've planted my lilies in pots as Monty Don said to in Gardener's World last night and I always do what Monty says, put some crocosmia lucifer corms in the ground and now I am going to have a cup of tea.

Nice day and weed free beds (sort of)

My daffodils and narcissus see to be behind everywhere else in the country.

Tulips coming up nicely.

This is a great time of year for lots of exciting things and over the next month or so lots will be happening to report on. Not just in the garden. I am in the middle of getting quotes to convert my garage which is very exciting stuff too.

Happy Easter everyone.