Saturday, 12 April 2014

Hotting up

As I write this a blackbird is endlessly singing just outside the window, he has been at it for about 3 days non stop it seems; it's a gorgeous song and every now and again I am sure he is singing selections from Die Fledermaus. It is a nice accompaniment to my day and my writing.

Plenty happening outside at the moment, the garden is really coming to life with something new appearing every day. being up in the hills I am usually slightly behind most people, even though only half a mile away in the valley things are further ahead. just that one degree colder in temperature seems to make all the difference, so where my mother's primroses have come and gone mine are just in flower now.

But my bath of tulips (of an unknown colour) are really getting ready to burst forth, can't wait, they will bring some much needed colour to the garden.

And my daffodils under the apple tree are in full flower. I like these very pale ones, sorry, no memory at all what sort they were.

A few plants in the cold frame but I have now put most into the greenhouse as my stock increased.

This year I am experimenting with growing my tomatoes in growbags in the greenhouse.
The last 2 years has been dismal for tomato growing here so a new approach is needed. I will still plant a couple outdoors, but I hope that the warmth of the greenhouse will make the difference that has been lacking in the past. So I will be setting that up over the next few days even though the tomatoes are a way way off being planted out yet.

Meanwhile my raised bed is slowly being revealed. For those who don't know, the local cats love my raised bed as a litter tray which is why it is covered over when not in use. As I plant rows of things I have to cover the gaps in stones and twigs to deter them, so far it's working. 2 rows of broad beans, one of carrots and one of beetroot for now.

The herb pot I planted up last month is thriving, but, as predicted by some of you, the lemon balm is already making a bid for World domination in there. oops.

 This is the rhubarb after I took the first crop yesterday, I've stewed it up and will have it for my tea over the next few days. It seems that my patience in only taking small amounts over the last couple of years has paid off and this year promises to be a really big crop. Lucky for me.

I will leave you with this photo of a lovely little saxifrage that I took this morning. It is small and perfect.  Sorry if my photo doesn't do it justice.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Blog Anniversary

Yes another year has come around and I have now been doing this blog for 3 years.
Thank you to all those who read, comment and keep in touch, I do enjoy writing (even though I sometimes leave you for days at a time) and I love hearing from you. Let's see what the next 12 months bring!
I have been photographing the garden today as things are really happening at last. Every day seems to bring growth, so over the next couple of days I will write a longer post with all the photos I took.
Until then, keep well and thanks again.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Wild Garlic

Today a friend and I had a trip to Bygone Times in Great Eccleston and stopped off to take a look at an interesting Church nearby. As it turned out the Church was not that interesting and was locked up, but growing by the roadside was an incredible patch of wild garlic. The wonderful tangy aroma hit us as soon as we stepped from the car, so grabbing a bag from the boot we filled it with as many leaves as we could get our greedy little hands on.

So tonight we have been cooking away. We had a stir-fry using some of the leaves to start with but then made a wonderful batch of wild garlic pesto. Such a simple process and having stolen a spoon of it I know just how powerful and tasty this is going to be.

Cheese, walnuts, wild garlic leaves, oil, a clove of garlic and a dash of seasoning and blend it all up.

 And finally one jar of wonderful wild garlic pesto.