Thursday, 3 April 2014

Wild Garlic

Today a friend and I had a trip to Bygone Times in Great Eccleston and stopped off to take a look at an interesting Church nearby. As it turned out the Church was not that interesting and was locked up, but growing by the roadside was an incredible patch of wild garlic. The wonderful tangy aroma hit us as soon as we stepped from the car, so grabbing a bag from the boot we filled it with as many leaves as we could get our greedy little hands on.

So tonight we have been cooking away. We had a stir-fry using some of the leaves to start with but then made a wonderful batch of wild garlic pesto. Such a simple process and having stolen a spoon of it I know just how powerful and tasty this is going to be.

Cheese, walnuts, wild garlic leaves, oil, a clove of garlic and a dash of seasoning and blend it all up.

 And finally one jar of wonderful wild garlic pesto.


  1. Wild garlic in abundance here
    Btw......we have booked our wedding.......about time eh?


    Go and pick some more! Here's a recipe that I blogged about last year that I found in the Guardian. It was brilliant! x

  3. Just changed the venue for tomorrow's woods where the wild garlic grows! Thanks for the recipe...sounds great!

  4. That sounds delicious! I've never used wild garlic, seems like it's high time I did - the woods will be full of your readers this weekend lol!

  5. I had to google 'wild garlic'. I mean I know what garlic is, but for some reason I thought wild would look the same. But I saw the different leaves, etc, and so I had to check. Wow, I wish we had that growing here. I don't think it's as prevalent here as it is there. Most of the sites and blogs are UK based. I need to see if there is a way to get some and put them around our farm. I would love to plant something on purpose that just grows year and year and comes back and we can eat it! I need to see if I can find some bulbs to plant.

    Awesome, and that pesto...sigh, pasta and pesto, one of my faves. Enjoy!!

    1. It only grows really well in shady, woodland type places. Many people try to transplant it into their own gardens but it never seems as happy.

  6. We picked two carrier bags of the leaves last year and I spent a very smelly day processing it all. Unfortunately, DB declared he hated to so it has been wasted.

  7. The smell is so strong - a couple of years ago we walked through a woodland where it was growing everywhere - you almost had to put a peg on your nose - talk about pungent.

  8. Sounds lovely, I have never used wild garlic before – not much of it around here where I live in East London :-)

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