Sunday, 3 June 2012

Hello again

Hello everyone, I am sorry about the lack of posts this week, when I went back to London for my final week I didn't bother to take the laptop as I knew that I would have enough luggage to bring back on the train this weekend without it, so now I have to catch up a lot on all your blogs.

Its so good to be home. Having said that, I am going to Paris tomorrow for a performance and won't be back until Thursday or Friday, but from now on I am always coming home straight away.
The weather is terrible, raining and I actually put the heating on for a bit this morning because it was so cold and the house could do with a bit of heat to cheer it up.

My dad is coming over later, he is not very well any more but he gets so excited about plans for my garden that he loves coming over to talk about it and hash out ideas. He likes to quietly sit outside on a chair with a sketch pad drawing ideas and because he can't walk very much any more he is content to do that for hours when the sun is out. He has had a few heart attacks and a stroke and bad arthritis but never complains about anything, in fact I have never heard him complain in 39 years. I think that my garden 'project' has given him a new lease of life. His plans range from doable to completely out of my price range, but I will meet him somewhere in the middle. Decking has never been my favourite thing but I actually think that he has hit upon a good idea by building out a small deck over the slope at the house end, this will make a good use of an area that is difficult to work with, without actually losing any of the garden space that I could use for planting, also would solve the privacy issue in one fell swoop. I think I will lay some plans, price it up and get saving.
Everything is growing beautifully, the potatoes have put on another 5 inches just in the last week and will get one more covering with soil now. Peas look happy, tomatoes are mostly planted up outside now and I just a few more to do. The climbing rose is absolutely wonderful, as are the lupins and apple tree.

Someone sent me a BBC news report about a stabbing in South London, in which 5 people were attacked and stabbed in the middle of the day. Where this happened is just a 5 minute walk from where I used to live in London and really helps make me grateful for the new life that I am carving out here. The last 8 weeks has been difficult, I won't lie to you, but you know what, it has all been worth the effort for what I have in my home life now, yes, it would have been easier if I had been living near to where I was working, yes, the commuting was horrible and I was quite stressed and miserable at times, but coming home is what makes it all worth while. The mentality of people who have such enormous disregard for human life, that they think stabbing someone is ok just confuses and saddens me and I know that these things happen everywhere, but the fact that it happened right in my old stomping ground really affected me somehow. Life is so precious.


  1. Dan, how true re the taking of life. Glad your dad is happy to help plan your garden. Small amount of decking sounds just right on your slope. Don't know when you build it, you might have to think about some weed suppressant fabric as you may not be able to get right underneath it to weed. Watch out for some cool night temperatures this week, especially with your tomatoes.

    Have a good time touring.

  2. We too have considered a decking platform on a sloping bit, so will be interested to see how you get on. I think you are doing really well to say you cannot be there all the time.

  3. Nice to see you back, I missed your posts. A small deck can definitely have it's place and remember, you can utilize that deck space for all SORTS of container gardening. Fresh herbs in pots just off your back door/kitchen would be great.

  4. Hi Dan, welcome home. It's awful the way people think that life is so cheap. The decking is a really good idea and it gives your dad something to think about. I have poor mobility and my garden is my lifeline, I just love working on it growing my fruit & veg. Good luck with the tour

    Sheila x

  5. You sound a lot more cheerful now you are back home. The world is becoming more violent, we all need our safe place to come back to. Best wishes to your dad.

  6. Good idea for the decking over the slope. It could be a good place to grow scented flowers where you can enjoy them whilst sitting out.

  7. Good to have you back, if only for a short while. Your dad seems to be in his element helping you with the garden and decking seems to solve your difficult sloping bit. Plus you can survey all your hard work when you are home. Take care.
    Love from Mum