Saturday, 9 June 2012


It is true that the British do talk about the weather a lot, but how could anyone be surprised by that when it is so bad! It has rained constantly since I got back from Paris and doesn't look like there will be any let up for days yet. It must have been all that talk about drought and hosepipe bans that had someone up there laughing and getting their own back.

I have been very productive the last 2 days as I have hired and booked a man to do the construction work in the garden. My dad is gifting me a very large proportion of the work as a new house present, which makes him pretty awesome and me a lucky man indeed. Work will be at some point in within the next 2 months so I am very excited about that. Once the structural part is dealt with I can really get to grips with how I want the garden to be. Mostly it is just the decking  which will make great use of the space where the slope is and will lose me no actual garden planting space. Also a couple of trellis' which will provide me some much needed privacy and somewhere to grow lovely things up. The rest of the work I can do myself, but I don't have enough faith in my abilities to concrete in structures that have to last against wind and rain.

Plants are growing like mad, although the tomatoes really just need some sun now, looking a bit sorry for themselves in this rain. Potatoes are crazy and onions and peas.

I bought myself a lovely book on amazon (well I say bought, I actually paid for it by doing surveys online which has amassed me an amazing £30 so far in amazon vouchers). It is called Sweet Peas for Summer by  Latitia Maklouf and is full of such lovely ideas for gardening, creating gardens from scratch, lovely ideas for pots and climbing things etc. If you see a copy in a library I give it my complete recommendation.  She has a blog which is also quite good.

I am itching to get outside and do some work now, but not in this rain!

I hope the rain isn't spoiling all of your weekends. I am home until Wednesday and so nothing could spoil that for me!


  1. What a wonderful gift for your Dad to have given you. I do hope this rain lets up soon, and we definitely need it to be a tad warmer to help things to grow. The rain has meant that we've done more painting in the lounge today - it's had 3 coats now so one more should do it. I'm now off to calculate quantities of laminate flooring and underlay - there's 25% off until Monday so I don't want to miss out on that( it really is 25% off and not inflated prices which have then been reduced!). Enjoy your time at home.

  2. Sorry about the rain. I complain about the heat but at least I COULD plant something if I wanted to brave the heat. I hope the rain rain goes away and comes again another day, so you can get to planting!

    Love that book recommendation. And I too belong to a site that give me points for clicking on things and filling out surveys and I've got a ton of points, I use them almost exclusively for amazon gift cards, ha. I'll add this book to my list.

    Enjoy your time home, I know you will!!

  3. rain, the bane of summer! Just a thought - I'm not sure because I don't know how humid it is, but watch your tomatoes for blight. I'd never had blight before, but last year we had a wet wet wet summer and every single one got blight, all the heritage ones and also the supposed blight resistant ones. It was so sad, tomatoes are my babies!!

  4. we had solid rain wed, thur, fri but its been lovely this weekend here - you must be getting it now... sorry! I hope it clears up for your next few days at home :)