Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Signs of Spring in Photos.

There are signs all over the garden of Spring now (about time we had a break in this rainy, miserable weather) so I went out with my camera to capture a few moments.

 Snowdrops are in their full glory

a nicely weathered pot of dwarf iris and crocus, these literally appeared this morning. I don't like my pots to look pristine, much preferring the well used look. The moss that has gathered all over this pot is a pretty spectacle in itself I think.

Such a wonderful colour.

My daffodils at the base of the apple tree, just coming. 

 The beginning of this year's rhubarb crop.

My tulips, the bath is full of a now forgotten colour, looking forward to finding out what I chose, with three long tom pots crammed full with cream tulips all now poking their heads through.

Not all is good though, my lovely two box balls look very much to me like they might have box blight! I think there is little I can do if they have and I will just have to destroy them.

This is a good time of year and everything seems happy enough, box aside. 


  1. Can't beat a bit of Spring flowers to cheer us all up. Those dwarf iris look beautiful. Glad you had a nice Saturday listening and judging!

  2. Off to Lidl to buy some potting compost this morning. Feeling inspired. X

  3. Usually spring in England is way ahead from ours. Not this year - I can see that your tulips are just as big as mine here in Estonia! We don't have reticulatas jet, though.

  4. Thanks for the garden peek...we are still covered with snow here in the States...

  5. Spring is certainly on the horizon.
    Love from Mum

  6. Good to see your garden has entered spring, shame about the box – not much you can do except get something else in that is a bit more resistant. Have you tried yew?