Saturday, 17 March 2012


Hello all,

Sorry, all been a bit quiet from me in blog land this week. Had some house guests (and more on their way). I'm being taken out to dinner by them this evening as a thank you for staying, which is a rare treat for me, and I intend to enjoy it thoroughly.
I have one or two projects on the go which will be blogged about on completion later on this week (unless of course they turn out disastrous, in which case, I will just pretend they never happened and never mention them again).
I have been gardening off and on, weather allowing and the results of that will also be blogged about later this week, Victoria plum tree in, some roses (always wanted climbing roses on my house).
Also later this week I will post a photo of a tree I have in my garden, which I can't identify. If anyone can I would be very grateful.

So lots of promises of things to come but not a lot of action today.

Enjoy your weekend one and all.


  1. Sounds lovely! Hope your projects go well!

  2. Me too! Sounds very exciting.

    We have a climbing rose at the front of our cottage.

    When it blooms, one rose blooms outside our bedroom window. It's lovely to see from our bed.

    Sft x

  3. Can't wait to hear about it. Have missed you!

    Have fun and order dessert!! Happy St Patrick's Day to you too!!!

  4. Enjoy your evening out Dan. Looking forward to hearing about the projects.

  5. Had a lovely evening and yes, had desert!
    Now I am hoping the sun may fight through the eternal grey sky and I can enjoy work in the garden, am playing around with some long term garden designs.

  6. Can`t wait for updates and pics!

  7. sounds great - hope you enjoyed your meal out, such nice friends you have :)