Sunday, 18 January 2015

January 2015

Thank you to all of you who sent me get well messages. As you can tell, 2014 didn't exactly end well for me but now it is the New Year and I'm ready for the Spring to come and the gardening to start. My face is just about healed too now except a small scar.
I have already started buying some seeds - I'm going for less varieties this year as last year I was a bit overwhelmed by just how much I grew. Also I am not not not going to make the mistake of starting my seedlings too early, so tempting when the winter is seemingly endless and you are impatient for Spring.
I have been snowed in for a couple of days here but the garden always looks so pretty. The woods are covered in ice and snow and no photograph (especially one taken by me) can do it justice.

I have taken the decision to use my raised bed for flowers this year rather than veg, I am going to keep veg growing to pots and anything large I will squash into a flowerbed somewhere in true cottage garden style. As you know I like that messy style of planting (for want of a better word) and find it very attractive. 
Seeds bought so far:

Sweet peas - Alan Titchmarsh
Cosmos - mixed
Zinnias - purple prince - my first attempt at growing these
Panicum - frosted explosion - my first grass
Snap dragons mixed

Also I have some Dahlia White Onesta and Berger's Rekord tubors which I thought would look nice coming up amongst the grass, which is lovely clouds of white.

This is an exciting time of year for planning in the garden. I have cleaned my greenhouse thoroughly and let off a sulpher candle in there as I think I had some fungus growing so the sulpher should sort that out. I have mended my cold frames as a cat had jumped on to one of them from the fence and gone through (luckily for the cat it was perspex and not glass!) He made a right mess but I hope he learnt a lesson.

Thank you all again for your messages.



  1. Glad you're back and feeling full of the joys of the impending Spring :)

    Dan - you know you can grow veg in between your flowers. Things like lettuce, chard, purple cauli, beetroot, etc will add a variety of green / purple depth to your flowerbeds whilst also allowing you to harvest the veg, if, and when required.

  2. I am trying out more of a potager garden mixing veg and flowers as you say, I have bought very similar flower seeds as you have apart that I have 3 varieties of sunflower from sarah raven. If you would like a few of these I have some to spare? We could compare our results, but you may not have the room so no pressure:-)

  3. Yay! You are back and healed, you were missed! You know I have the raised beds for veg, but only because I needed to use that area to maximize the future potential....but I SO love the potager type of garden with vegetables and flowers all jumbled together. So pretty. Can't wait to see what you do.