Monday, 12 May 2014

It finally flowered

It has been 2 years since I planted my deciduous azalea (red kosas)

Here's when it went in 2 years ago, gosh it all looks so bare.

Well it imeediately begain to suffer from mildew and I thought it was a gonner but I nursed it through.

Last year the Spring was so cold so late that it just didn't flower at all, but luckily no sign of mildew so I was relieved about that.

So it was with great excitement that I have been waiting for it to show itself off in all it's glory and my long wait was finally over this week.

It is not quite all open but it is quite a spectacle, such a rich colour and it draws the eye everywhere you are in the garden.

Not sure a photo can possibly do it justice but I just wanted to share it with you.

Other things I have done today are to plant my gladioli bulbs which were already sending out roots in their paper bag. I have actually moved my small camellia from the back garden to the front, I realised that I had planted it in the wrong place as it would become overcrowded once it grew and now I have the large new bed in the front thought it was better to move it now before it starts to grow over the summer. So the gladioli have gone in where that was. I have no memory at all what sort I got, but I think there are two sorts, a red and a white. Time will tell.
That's all for today.
Thanks for all the hedge suggestions, it is on the back burner while I mull it over and decide exactly what I will do with the whole front garden.


  1. Stunning colour - some azaleas are strange in that they flower before the leaves appear - is it fragrant?

  2. Wow! What a tremendous colour in that Azalea. It must love it where you planted it otherwise it wouldn`t display so much vividness in colour. Stunning!

  3. A real burst of fire there...really nice.

  4. What a beautiful plant combination - the vivid colour of the azalea contrasts perfectly with the blue forget-me-nots. Can't wait to see the gladioli in flower, if only to see what colours they are :) Elizabeth

  5. That is gorgeous, just gorgeous!! Nice job!!!

  6. You have certainly got a knack for garden design. Could be a new career ahead?

  7. Lovely azalea, what a zingy colour! As for your camellia, the most important with choosing a good place for it is to give it the right aspect. Most camellias don’t like a south facing aspect and would be more happy in shade or semi shade. If you find a picture doesn’t really show off your spectacular plants, try another movie :-)