Thursday, 8 November 2012

Autumn Clean.

My burst of sudden strength and energetic activity has come to a stop. I have done lots this last couple of week and I must say it has taken it's toll on my right arm, my wrist and forearm has been sore the last couple of days, probably from gripping hammers and drills and lifting heavy things up ladders into the loft. Still, my garage is looking lovely, I have sorted out the leaking washing machine (for some inexplicable reason the hose had perished and was pouring water out), sorted the spare room out, built a bed, floored the loft, wrapped up my plant pots for winter, tidied the garden, cleared the leaves and generally got the house looking clean and tidy throughout, what you may call a good Autumn clean. I think it is safe to say, I have done what needs to be done for now and can rest easy.

I now have the pleasure of browsing all the seed catalogues that have been delivered recently and can plan what I would like to grow next year, both veg and flowers. So many possibilities. I am a naturally organised soul and like to plan what I am going to sow and where I am going to sow it, but I like the result to look haphazard. I can't wait!

I am going to see someone today about possibly doing their garden on a potentially regular basis, I think this would be a nice little extra earner if it works and perhaps I can get more than one person and build up a day of it eventually. I would certainly enjoy it and it would be a nice second string as they say. We will see. I am not sure it is safe to only have one profession these days, unless it happens to be a very safe one. My own is not, so the more I can diversify the better.

If I sometimes feel melancholy, it is because I don't like to be unsettled and my life is a little unsettled at the moment, to say the least. BUT, at the same time, it is humming with possibilities and I hope to be on the brink of something new and interesting.


  1. I share your unsettled feelings Dan, and like you it affects my mood immeasurably. I do have you to thank for having a lovely tidy attic room though! The Autumn clean of your garage spurred me on to tackle my attic room which had turned into a dumping ground. I couldn't see the sofa bed for 'stuff' and the floor was covered in more 'stuff', fabric scraps and thread etc. Now things have been put away and it's tidy - so thankyou for inspiring me to get on with it!

  2. If the top photograph of the Autumn trees is yours, if it were a Birthday card I would buy it. Perhaps a third string to your bow? Great Blog.

    Dianne - Hereford

  3. Get in there Dan. You'll be fine, you have so many strings to your bow, just market a few!

  4. I'd say that you are settling in very well with all the tasks you have tackled. Keep adding those strings.
    Love from Mum

  5. Your activity spur certainly has put us all to shame. Nice feeling when things get sorted, isn`t it. I`m sure you`ll find some extra tasks to earn a few bob.

  6. dan
    what you are doing with all this activity is controlling your life... it gives a person order and directon
    and you keep the reins in your own hands....
    done it myself!

  7. Ahhh seed catalogs...the eternal hope of Spring. I love it. They haven't started arriving here yet but they are coming, i can feel it!!

    You've done a lot, take a moment, relax, enjoy your home and make plans for the future. Yard, garden and your professional life. We must have faith the Universe is unfolding as it should. :-)

  8. I'm not doing the seed cataloue thing this winter. This year was so disappointing/soul destroying in the garden with all the rain.
    Just a few essentials.
    Good luck with your plans anyway.