Monday, 6 August 2012

And relax....

Today has been a day of total relaxation for me. I have worked very hard in the garden all weekend and I am off to France tomorrow with work and won't be back until Sunday, so I decided to just simply enjoy what I had today.

Of course I couldn't be totally idle and transplanted some fruit bushes that had had to come out when the deck was built, but that was an easy and relaxing job.

My parents came for lunch and my mum brought me a climbing rose that she picked out for me yesterday.
I put it in so that it will one day climb over the rose arch that I am going to put in between the deck and the trellis. It is called red facade and already has a lot of blooms and new buds to come. A happy looking rose and hey, you can never have enough roses is my philosophy.

I then sat in the sunshine on my deck with a glass of lemonade and some magazines that my mum had finished with and passed on to me. Good way to spend a Monday.

I am not really looking forward at all to this next trip to France. It involves me going to London for starters as I am flying from London city airport (not so convenient) and I am not wholly enjoying work at the moment for various reasons. I am going to France three times in August (thankfully the second two occasions I am flying from Manchester airport) and rather than being exciting trips away they are likely to be very difficult ones for me and not much fun. Still you make you own fun and I am working with a lovely team of people, some of whom have developed into friends during the course of the year. Also the place I am going to this week has a wonderful market on Saturday morning and I am hoping to smuggle back some nice produce in my suitcase. They do fantastic honey and strings of garlic and smoked garlic. Yumm.

Today was a very good day and I really got to appreciate what I have outdoors!


  1. That`s the ticket! Just enjoy!!

  2. Beautiful rose which will look lovely on your rose arch. Life is far too short so get the most out of your visit. The market will be lovely and you'll have lots of lovely produce to choose from x x x

  3. Try and think positive. Wont be long and you can enjoy your lovely garden. No pain no gain.

  4. What a day. Sigh. I can't wait until I get get to the country on a more regular basis. Just remember that while you are gone, you know what you have waiting for you when you get home. Yay!

  5. Your garden is coming along lovely. It certainly is worth all the hard work. I've enjoyed seeing the transformations :)