Monday, 2 July 2012

Late to bed, early to rise!

Devon is a long old drive isn't it! Friday took 5 and a half hours because of horrible delays and I was pretty knackered when I got there. No rest for the wicked though and I was working within 2 minutes of arriving, not even time for a cup of tea. Three nights, three performances later and I was on the road last night, set off at 10 and arrived home at 2, pretty good going getting it down to 4 hours though. Was in bed within 10 minutes but had to read a bit of my book before turning out the light. I can't ever seem to sleep unless I have read a bit, however tired. Anyway, as is my curse I was awake 4 and a half hours later and am feeling somewhat jaded but pleased to be in my own bed. Most of my colleagues will have to set off on their own long journeys back to London today, effectively losing the day so mine was the right choice.

Devon is a really lovely county, I was staying somewhere between Tiverton and Dulverton and spent a lovely morning wandering around the latter, definitely my sort of town, even if it is peppered with slightly overpriced home shops and fantastic looking deli's. I look at the beautiful displays and rather than think, oh I wish I could afford to spend a fortune in here, I am thinking, how can I make all of that lovely produce myself?
I did stop for a cup of tea and a lemon drizzle cake though. Having said that, I probably shouldn't. I ate so much this weekend! People are so kind and when you do my job, think that you need to eat masses every 2 hours in order to reach the size of Pavarotti. In fairness, you probably do have to eat masses every 2 hours to do that, but I feel huge right now! It was always good old home made country fayre which suits me, but I am of the 'I will generally eat it if it is put in front of me' variety, so these occasions are dangerous! Quiche, coronation chicken, cous cous, cheese, strawberries and clotted cream, brownies, lasagne, sticky toffee pudding and cream, ham, salad, bread and butter, heaps of tomatoes and masses of ginger beer, all very Enid Blyton, but as you can see, this is a lot of food to be offered to a greedy man in a 3 day period. Bursting out of my costume and ending up with the gorgeous wardrobe ladies for emergency mending has become a company joke over the last few weeks which is a tad worrying.

Now I am home for 2 days before I am off on a trip that takes me to Warwickshire, Dorset and Oxforshire, not in the most convenient order. Petrol is being eaten up at an alarming rate, so I am pleased that I have a very economical car at least.

Plans for the next 2 days? well besides resting as much as possible I would love to do some gardening (as usual) but I seem to have come home to yet more rain. Can I fill my day with guilt free nothing? Probably not, but I will have a damn good try.


  1. I often don't sleep well but knowing you can get up from your own bed and not have to charge around getting ready for work is just wonderful isn't it. Hope your garden is surviving all this mad weather we seem to be having.

  2. Glad to hear you are home safe. We're off to Cornwall very soon- 6 nights camping followed by 7 nights in a lovely cottage with views of St Michael's Mount, though I doubt we'll see it if this rain continues! I managed to fill almost the entire weekend with guilt free nothing - it was blissful! Off to do the ironing now whilst watching Wimbledon - thank goodness for the roof on centre court!

  3. Never had strawberries, I'm sure they counteracted all the other foods!
    Jane x

  4. You had some exciting times, and alot of great food. Don`t feel guilty of being at home and a bit lazy, now. You deserve that break!!

  5. Yes you can fill your day with guilt free nothing and I hope you enjoy it.
    Love from Mum

  6. You don't seem to get much down time - but I guess it goes with the job. Enjoy your rest periods while you can.