Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The snow is back

How crazy is this? I am snowed in again. last week was summer temperatures and now, I have slept through a snow storm and woken to a white world. OK, so I have enjoyed how pretty the snow is once this year, now, I have had enough. Today I was going to mow the grass!


  1. go and cut some logs
    "lumberjacking" will keep you warm
    tee hee!

    ( snowing here too!)

  2. I woke up expecting a grey, rainy day here in the south east.
    But it's lovely and sunny.

    Sft x

  3. Not snowing in New England, but it was warm enough a couple of weeks ago that tick bites were getting to be a problem here! They're never a problem this early in the year. And now it's much, much cooler. It's been very strange weather this year, for sure.

  4. We've lit the wood burner again, having taken all the pokers, wood basket etc out to the barn for the summer. We were expecting/hoping for rain - the garden is parched, but although the sun is out it's very cold.

  5. The weather over here is just as crazy this year. Spate of 80s, then 20s. Snow in the forecast. Looks like you've got a good day for staying inside and cooking. Enjoy.

  6. Snowing?? I'm not familiar with your weather patterns, is that normal for this time of year?

    Hey, I'm with John, lumberjacks can always keep me warm. Wait, maybe I misunderstood that......LOL!

    Stay warm!

  7. I would really, really hate that.

  8. Have a nice cup of tea and do some reading? I was supposed to rake the yard last weekend and it snowed here - so I had a good excuse to stay in and read.