Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Bad news and good news

I won't go into the bad news, because I will just go off on one and be cross and sound like a curmudgeon. Suffice to say, that sometimes other peoples complete and utter unreliability makes me furious. I am the sort of person that if I say that I will do something, then I will do it, no changing my mind, no wriggling out of it at a later date. Why can other people not stick to what they say? Not sticking to what this particular person in question said has just cost me £300 that I could ill afford, in fact, can't afford at all and all because of their complete and utter unreliability. I wouldn't mind if it were just once, but this has happened time and time again.
Rant over.

Good news now, so that I can end feeling uplifted.

My totally free cavity wall insulation has just been installed successfully this afternoon and I painted the bathroom its first coat. This is the final room needing painting, so nearly finished all decorating. I know I Haven't done photos of any of the rooms yet, this is because they are still all lacking some of the finishing touches. But soon, soon.
Is it my imagination or does it already feel warmer than it did in here? I have heard great things about Cavity Wall insulation so I am looking forward to testing it out for myself.

See, ending on positve things has had a good effect on me, I am feeling good and balanced again.


  1. Dan, dont you just love that happy feeling when you walk through your new house especially after decorating and realise that it is yours?
    I think you only really get that feeling with your FIRST house

  2. Good to hear it! Unreliable people need a good kick up the proverbial I say. We noticed a difference after our cavity wall insulation. The inside of our bungalow never gets below 10 Celsius overnight even when its down to -15 outside. The rooms feel chilly but that's what the thermometer says. Currently -2 outside, going to be a cold one.

  3. So sorry to hear someone has let you down and it has cost you money. You are right not to dwell on it- it won't change anything and will make you feel worse. I had cavity wall insulation installed at my old house and it did make the house feel much warmer. We also have it here- it was installed not long before we bought the house, and despite the 10' high ceilings and not using the heating very much, we haven't really been cold.

  4. Hi, just popped on to say I discovered your blog at the weekend and have really enjoyed reading all of it. Thanks!

  5. What a bummer about your friend not keeping their word. But I'm so happy the cavity wall is done! Post photos soon!

  6. Good for you. Onward and upward!
    Love from Mum

  7. Sorry to hear you had a bad experience with someone not delivering what was promised.
    But, such is life sometimes. Not everyone is as
    forthright as yourself. There is an awful lot of bullshitters in this world, believe me. Not always easy to deal with those disappointments they create. Let`s just hope things will look up from now on. Take some pics of the finished house when you can. Best of luck with the rest of the work required.

  8. Sorry to hear you've been let down - and to a pretty penny, too. :-( I hope there is opportunity to recoup your loss. Your positive attitude there at the end will serve you well (plus it helps keep down the blood pressure). *heh* We've all been stiffed now and then. Better to learn, recoup and move on. Looking forward to not only indoor pics, but outside of the house too. Cheers

  9. Yes, focus on the positive Dan!

    But...I can't stand unreliability either! LOL!

    Sft x

  10. So sorry about the disappointment, I understand how that goes. Have had it happen myself. Maybe I'm just too nice, ha. But hey, on the other hand you end the day with a 'win', and that's always a good thing in my book! Be warm!!!

  11. Have you no recourse regarding these idiots. Give me their number, I ll sort them out :D
    If all else fails dont get mad, get even !
    Great about the insulation though.

  12. Oh dear. Really sorry to hear about an expensive disappointment. I am the same - if I say I will do something, that's it. It takes a lot for me to cancel it. Obviously I don't know the circumstances but it sounds like if you can never ask this person to do something again you'll be doing the right thing by yourself (and your wallet).

    On the bright side, I hope (and expect) that your cavity wall insulation will help recoup the lost cash very soon! Do you need loft insulation too? Can you get that free?

    Well done on your progress, I bet the house if feeling just superb.

  13. I take things peopl esay with a pinch of salt now, and I never say thank you to anyone until they have done what they say they would, too used to people saying one thing and doing another, I feel for you - so annoying

    fabulous good news thought, I love it when a plan comes together ;)