Tuesday, 21 February 2012

£100 challenge update

Just a quick update on my challenge to spend only £100 this month. Honestly, it was a doddle. I have spent approximately £90 and with little more than a week to go, I only need some milk to keep my going and maybe one or two little extras here and there.
So feeding myself for £100 a month is very simple, in fact, I know it could be easily done for quite a bit less than that, with more organisation on my part. That shouldn't really be a surprise as I know that there are people on here feeding more than one person on that amount. The hard part is the other little things you buy in a month that you don't take so much account of. Charity shop finds, the odd house essential that you never accounted for. There are definitely some things that I need to buy but can't until next month so next time around, I will try and budget better.
Another thing that I will do next month is to pay using cash. I will take the full £100 out at the beginning of the month. Much easier to keep track of that way. In fact, I think it is a better way in general to use money instead of cards. You know where you are then.
But all in all, an experiment success and I am that much nearer to me new windows and doors now!


  1. Well done with the challenge. I knew you would manage it. I find it best to withdraw all my shopping money and keep it in a separate purse so I know exactly where I am with my shopping spends.

  2. Is your £100 for everything or just food and or toiletries? If you are buying other things, you have done really well.

  3. I'm saving for my next 5K mortgage payment - it's easy if you have a goal - Love Froogs xx

  4. Hi there stumbled upon your blog a bit ago ,well done on your spend for the month .Were trying to get our spend down to £250 for the month for 5 of us.2 of us are doing meat free for 4months.I've started taking the money out instead of using cards.

  5. That's great - I'm £5.35 over , but I still feel happy about things. Feeding 3 adults( KL is nearly 17 and eats more than I do!)on £105.35 for the month is good going I think. Lots of people spend that amount in a week! I've found it so much better using cash- it made me think harder about the things I bought.Great that you are nearer to getting your new doors and windows too.

  6. Sounds like you have made a good start with the budgeting! My daughter often operates on a 'cash economy' when money is tight; she draws out the cash she has allocated for spending that week or month, and then puts it into envelopes - one for fares, one for food and one for 'treats'.

    That works well for her because she can see at a glance whether there is money for something she wants to buy, and it is really easy - just grab the 'food' envelope if you are going to the supermarket, or the 'treats' one if you are going out for a drink!


  7. It's all the extras that aren't food that add up as you say. It's a good idea to only deal in cash.
    Love from Mum

  8. Very well done, indeed! You might find it easier budgeting if you divide your monthly money into 4 envelopes or jars. Then you can only spend each week one of those parts. That way you can see quite clearly how to make each part last that particular week. Just a suggestion.

  9. Well done! Great job! Now you know you can do it again!! :-)

  10. We've been eating ALOT out of the freezer this month and only spent £27 for the month. Which is amazing!

    Sft x

  11. thanks to you and the comments here I'm going to do a $100 challenge to feed myself next month...wasting money on food/drink is such a bad habit of mine...

    1. Hey, I'm glad I inspired you! Good luck with your challenge and let me know how you go on!