Thursday, 27 October 2011

Tempting Fate

I am not usually particularly superstitious, but since I have had my offer accepted on the cottage a number of people have asked to see photos. Now it may be ridiculous, but I have refrained from showing anyone because it feels like tempting fate rather, to show it before it is actually mine, everything has gone unbelievably like clockwork until now and I can't really believe house selling/buying is every really this smooth.
So, I have decided to compromise, I will show a couple of photographs of the view from the house but not the house itself. Hopefully that will mean fate will not be tempted! Meanwhile, all is set for the 1st December.

This is a view from the front windows of the house.

A nice woodland for some foraging I think and some great walks. On the other side of that fence is a public footpath into miles of hills and woods.

And this is the view from the back and a bit of my lovely South facing back garden.

Some lovely sunny times here and hopefully not too much of that famous Lancashire wind and rain!

It's all a bit different from where I have lived in London for the last 19 years! Can't begin to imagine how dark and quiet it is going to be at night, probably be spooked for the first few months, especially with all John's (Going Gently) zombie chat! Maybe I'll stop watching the Walking Dead for a while!

Thanks everyone, for all your comments, and welcome to my new followers. It is lovely recording all of this here with you.


  1. Lovely views, roll on the 1st December when you might show us a little more.

  2. Brilliant - thanks for the peek into your new world. Can't wait to see more, but all in good time :)

    A new beginning - what could be more exciting?

  3. Wow! Mr Sft and I have just sighed over those beautiful views!

    I don't blame you not wanting to tempt fate but this is a good little taster of your new life.

    Congratulations with everything you've achieved so far.

    Sft x

  4. Those views are lovely. I keep my fingers and toes crossed for a smooth transition for you, so that you can enjoy your new home to its fullest.

  5. You should do a comparison of your london view compared to your new view. series two of walking dead has started but we dont have the channel so will have to wait for it on channel 5 .

  6. Thank you all, I keep on thinking I should be doing something, but actually it is all in the hands of my very capable solicitor now and he seems very on top of everything so I am just sitting back letting fate take its course. I am still in lancashire at the moment as I have some time off, so I am staying with my parents (hence having access to tv channels I would not usually have access to) and it is nice to spend some time with them, something I haven't done enough of in recent years.
    When I get back to London, I will take a photo of the comparison view (which actually is not bad by London standards) but which does not compare. By the way, the cottage I am buying is detached with 2 bedrooms and is more than 50,000 cheaper than my one bedroom flat in London. Makes you think, doesn't it!

  7. Wonderful views:) Enjoy your time with Mum and Dad, I'm sure they love having you stay for a while. Roll on 1st December.

  8. Thanks for the little peek of your new view to be. Just lovely. Can't wait for the next installment.

  9. Wow great lovely to wake up to every morning!
    I have everything crossed for you:)

  10. okok
    show us a photo of the front door
    hows that for a compromise!

  11. wow, im so excited for you! It will all go to plan, what you think you create, so stay positive! the little forest looks brilliant - lots of wood and just seeing those trees everyday will be such a joy. Dont forget to enjoy the perks of city life before you leave :)

  12. I look forward to seeing what you find around and about your new place. Be positive, you will get it, we will celebrate together when I get notification that I have been granted my allotment :D

  13. hello
    wow gorgeous photo!!!! i wish you luck in your new home!
    have a wonderful time,
    love regina

  14. I have no photo of the front door John, but yesterday I did take another photo of the house from the woodland path. I am not home yet, so can't download the photo today, but will do it soon. Thank you everyone for the good luck. I will keep you up to date as things happen.

  15. Sounds like a good swap to me. Just think of all that clean fresh air in your lungs. Your views are fabulous. Good luck.

  16. At the end of the day, no matter what state a place is in to begin with, your heart will sing with the possibilities of it all. Home IS where the heart is!

  17. Welcome to the north...almost :) Am sure everything is going to go well and you'll be tucked up nicely in your new home by Christmas! It does tend to get dark up here but just think of the lovely summers with light until 11pm. Good luck with the move and have fun in your new 'territory' :)

  18. Fantastic views!

    I also hate to tempt fate so I am completely with you on not posting too much.

    Good luck to you with it all.