Friday, 14 October 2011

Any ideas?

Hi everyone,

One of the things that I was thinking of making for some of the adults this Christmas is Limoncello. It tastes really good, doesn't cost a fortune and should go down rather well. The process of making this well be a future post.

In general the recipe calls for between 5 or 9 lemons for 1 litre depending on the recipe but you only use the lemon zest. So if I make 2 litres of the stuff, to divide up, I could end up with up to 18 zestless lemons and nothing to do with them.

So, to the question, does anyone have any ideas what I can make from a whole load of zestless lemons? Are there any preserves that just use juice? It would be great if I could make something using them that would also go down well at Christmas.

All ideas welcome.


  1. Make lemonade LOL

    Or lemon curd.

    Or freeze the lemon juice to use in cooking / salad dressing / sprinkled over avocados, apples and bananas to stop them turning brown.

    And finally, use to:

    1 keep your shower door / bathroom mirror from steaming up - wipe both using lemon juice diluted with a little water :)
    2 clean up greasy surfaces in the kitchen.

  2. Dan, make some lemon curd with those lemons!
    There are good recipes on the internet.
    Homemade lemon curd or lemon cheese as its often called tastes soo superior to anything bought from the shops.

  3. freeze some slices should you ever have g&T ? i've never tried this but i heard good old anthea turner saying she does this so she always has a slice of lemon handy

  4. I usually use lemon juice as the pectin in jam making recipes - it's really nice to use making strawberry and raspberry jam in particular. You could also make Lemon Meringue Pie, Lemon Curd, Lemon cake or even freeze the juice into ice-cubes.

  5. Google a lemon drizzle cake recipe. You do need a little zest for the cake but I always use double the juice they recommend in recipes for the drizzle which will use a lot of the lemons. The recipe I used time and time again is an asda lemon drizzle cake recipe I found on google.

  6. Thank you, they are all perfect. I will probably have enough lemons to make most of those things! I like the idea of the jam or curd as I can add those in with Christmas presents, personally, I would be delighted to receive a bottle of limoncello and a jar of home made lemon curd.
    Never thought of freezing them in slices - that is a pretty cool idea for drinks!
    I'm going to have a lovely lemony month.

  7. another way is to freeze the juice in your ice-cube tray and bag up the cubes. they are then ready for recipes/salad dressing/honey and lemon drinks when the cold season begins.
    Happy Lemoning!