Wednesday, 21 September 2011

From the cold North

Hello everyone and welcome to my newest followers, it is nice to know that at least 30 people get something from my musings.

Update on house viewing is just annoying news, the woman didn't turn up on Saturday, but she did postpone until Monday. Now I couldn't be in on Saturday because I am away up North (more of that in a bit) but my estate agent was taking her. I am not one to lay judgement on estate agents usually (although they do make this difficult) but when I get a phone call later in the day telling me that he had 'forgotten to take the keys with him and so couldn't show her' it is hard not to think of appropriate names for him and his kind. The goodish news is that she is keen enough to still want to come (amazingly) and so will be viewing it this Saturday coming.

Now the reason I have not been at home this week is because I am in Lancashire, visiting parents and sister and brother etc. I have also taken this opportunity to view a house tomorrow. Now I know that it is silly to get over-excited about a house I have not seen yet, especially with no offers on my own flat, but this one really does tick all the boxes and is the first house details I have found that does this: large garden, not overlooked, very quiet area, nothing but countryside out to the back. Don't get me wrong, it is no mansion, tiny little 2 bed cottage (can you use the term cottage for something built in the 1980's?) although it does have a garage that can be converted somewhere down the line and coming in at a lower than you would expect price, certainly within my budget. Like I say, hard not to get excited but am trying to keep a reign on that. So that is what tomorrow will bring. Today, I am going to get out into the countryside for a walk around Rivington Pike and gardens with a friend hoping the weather holds out. It is a beautiful area and I am really looking forward to it. Will let you all know how the viewings (house and my flat) go.


  1. Loving your blog Dan. It seems we are on the same wave level. Good luck with your viewings

  2. yes good luck
    always nice to drop by!

  3. Fingers are crossed for you here.
    Love from Mum

  4. good luck. lets hope you dont forget your cheque book when its time to pay the estate agents ;-)

  5. Best of luck for all your plans!!!

  6. Hi Dan

    She seems quite keen so hopefully, with fingers crossed, it all works out.

  7. Hate to be a downer, but have you seen the articles about fracking coming to Lancashire in a big way,

  8. Thanks everyone, she should be viewing today - third time lucky. The house I looked at was just the sort of thing I wanted, now I just have to play a waiting game to see who buys what, first.
    Fortunately Kester, I am not looking anywhere near that particular area and up in the hills where I will be it shouldn't make much difference, but my parents live very near the site (although they claim to have seen nothing of it).

  9. Hopefully the viewing went well.

    That cottage sounds lovely. I do hope you get it.

    Sft x