Friday, 6 June 2014

Tatton Park

I went to Tatton Park at the weekend and what a lovely trip it was, the gardens are magnificent as the azalea and rhododendron were in their full glory and what a lot of them they have. The house itself is very interesting and being a National Trust property I got in free as I have membership until the end of July. But it was the gardens that I loved so much. There was a walled veg and fruit garden that could have fed an army.

 The view across the lake
 and another.
 The view of the azaleas was spectacular.

 The photos just don't do the blaze of colour justice.
 The flag iris were only just beginning but by now they are probably a wonderful sight.
 View to the Japanese gardens.
 I liked this old bridge.
 The entrance to the maze.
And this is what I found in the middle of the maze.

It was a lovely trip, topped off with a jacket potato for lunch in the not too overpriced cafe. Most of the food in the cafe is grown in the walled garden when possible.

Today is beautiful so I am off to cut the lawns.


  1. I must have last gone to Tatton Park 25 or so years ago, some sort of flower festival if I remember correctly. Beautiful flowers.

  2. Beautiful, I last went there about 25 years ago but in the dead of winter so it would be nice to visit again to see the lovely display of flowers.

  3. Fantastic pictures! A day out can often give inspiration for your own garden.

  4. Fantastic pictures! A day out can often give inspiration for your own garden.

  5. I've never been but it looks stunning, thanks for the tour x

  6. Wonderful day out there. Very colourful. I've been weeding in the garden today.
    Love from Mum

  7. It looks a wonderful day out, love the stunning colour. I can imagine that is is amazing in the flesh.

  8. Oh man, how beautiful. Wish I could see that in person. Thanks for sharing the pics, it ALMOST felt like being there, ha.