Sunday, 1 December 2013

December the 1st.

I am back from my last trip to London. I ended up travelling home through the night on Friday rather than staying over which meant that I didn't get in until 3am. Seem to have a sore throat and slight temperature now so looks like some nasty germs from the Capital got me while I was there.
Anyway, London is properly part of my past now.

Thank you all so much for so many positive and helpful comments after my last post, it is very nice to have your support and the advice that some of you gave is great and much appreciated.

Anyway, after a week of concentrating on 'important' things and working in London, yesterday I wanted to relax and do things I enjoyed which, of course, meant an afternoon in the garden - my sanctuary. We seem to have good weather right now, even though December is here, clear skies and sunshine up here in the Pennine hills.
After digging out the large new flower bed a fortnight ago I ended up with a lot of large rocks, as I always do and in the ultimate in recycling I decided to turn them into stepping stones. I have been meaning to get stepping stones in for ages, but at about £5 a stone in my local garden centre I have not done it. Perfect solution, free stones, so now I can get from the house to the corner covered bench without stepping on the grass (which is squelchy and muddy and terrible right now).

I have dug them in and hopefully I will still be able to mow over them easily as they are slightly lower than the ground.

Well it was an enjoyable and rather easy (and free) job and with luck my lawn might begin to improve as I can avoid stepping on it quite so much in the muddy seasons.


  1. Well done on all you have done, including the decision to change direction. Brilliant.

  2. Hmm, giving up life in London to dig rocks is probably not for everyone, LOL! Hope you can relax and recover now!

  3. You have made the right decision by leaving London. Best of luck with your new direction in life! Take plenty of ginger and lemon tea, laced with honey + a drop of dark rum. Works a treat on soar throats!

  4. A brave move - but I'm sure is the right one.
    Good Luck

  5. Get well soon. The bugs are up here in the NE too! Had a lovely day yesterday watching son playing music at a local venue. I think I prefer these local gigs to the big ones and it's lovely to bring music to people who may otherwise not be able to afford or be able to travel to bigger venues. The atmosphere is always great and it's lovely to give something back to the community. I hope you manage to achieve this through your new rural live too! If you were up here in Scotland, you could earn a lot doing ceilidhs! Good luck!

  6. Get well soon! Lots of well wishes for the future too. I did peek at your web page. Very nice! You are so accomplished, actually, I was rather in awe a bit. I am hoping it feels rather wonderful to be embarking on this new venture and I wish you the best of luck. Thank you for sharing pictures of your garden sanctuary and the progress.

  7. Get well soon. I think you are correct to put the stones in the lawn, nothing makes a garden look sorry for itself than wear and tear during the winter.

  8. I just saw your comment about Christmas over at Going Gently. It tugged at my heart since this time of year frequently has meant a bout of depression for me (probably SAD). May I make suggestion? Decide what part of the decorations, or activities, have brought joy to your heart in the past. For me, the best part is always the multi colored lights--way more than any one person needs! Put them any where you can; maybe even just lay them on the top of a table or a cupboard. And leave them turned on as much as you can.

    One more tip, I have discovered that a big, forced smile or a huge yawn can interrupt a spate of depression. I have even, a few times over the years, found myself saying to myself "I'm not ready to feel better yet," and wait awhile until the absurdity of what I've just said sinks in. Then a big, silly grin and the mood has been broken.

    Also, please don't allow yourself to become a hermit. At least that what folks keep telling me.

    My thoughts are very much with you as you make your way through making such a huge change in your life.


    1. That is such a kind comment Barbara, thank you, it is much appreciated.

  9. You mentioned having brought some unsavory bugs home with you from London. I do hope you haven't been feeling poorly ever since then! Please stop by and give us at least a brief update so we won't continue to worry about you. We really do care about you, you know. {{huggies}}