Wednesday, 20 November 2013

What have I been up to?

The weather has been so strange, one moment raining, one moment sunny and then next snow! Last week had some beautiful days, so I got out in the garden and really got stuck in. I have completely dug the new bed now, it looks a bit of a mess, but I am thinking ahead to it being full next summer. It's the largest bed of the garden and I am carefully planning what will be going in there.
Believe it or not, I still have a £40 garden centre gift token from my 40th birthday last May, and I have been waiting for the right thing to spend it on. Now opporunity beckoned. I have put in an ornamental flowering cherry at the back of the new bed, which should be very lovely in a few years, and a couple of sweet box bushes and a couple of roses, one climbing and one floribunda. It's a start. I also have planted anenome bulbs, alliums and sown some ladies mantle (alchemilla mollis) in the border. It looks a little stark so, as always in the garden, imagination is needed.

I have a 2 metre obelisk which I have to put together to go around the climbing rose at the back. It is a pink one called pink perpetué which looks like it will be lovely.

As usual I had to dig out a hundred thousand rocks - the price you pay for living up a hill near a quarry - and they are piled around the corner at the moment. I am taking them to the tip in bagfulls every time I go, except some of the big ones, which can always be useful around the garden as stepping stones, lawn edgers etc. The problem was the weight of them and so I turned my attention to freecycle. Advertised for a wheelbarrow, and within a couple of hours had been offered one from a kind couple 3 miles away. went to pick it up on Saturday morning, fantastic. I love the entire concept and freecycle!

Cost me nothing except petrol and as it was a 6 mile round trip it really wasn't much.

Finally yesterday there was a massive change in the weather and I woke up to the first snow of the season.

It looked magical, but I am glad to say that it has all washed away this morning.

Meanwhile plans are afoot. To say that major changes in my life are on their way is an understatement and I will be unveiling my 2014 plans soon.

The sun has just come out so time to make hay.


  1. SNOW?? Cool! We never (well, rare rare rarely) get snow in these parts. If we do, it's a very light dusting and it's melted and gone the next day.

    Life changes are always exciting. Nervous but exciting. Can't wait to hear!

  2. I'm really looking forward to seeing how the summer bed will turn out. We also have rocks here, a lot, but more of the polished ones so can't be used to build a wall. We reused a lot as much as we could though.
    Snow here too, I'm glad because it's "the poor man's manure" and I dug some parts of the garden for future beds, covered them with compost so now the snow and frost will do their job until next spring.
    Keep warm and can't wait to hear about your plans.

  3. Very interesting and a nice selection of plates. Looking forward to your next announcement!

  4. Well done with the gardening efforts! It`s looking great. Good luck with your other plans!

  5. Your garden is really taking shape. Love the way you're tackling each part and creating a fabulous whole. I'm involved in a major replan myself. Looking forward to your spring pictures with anticipation !

  6. You did well with your wheelbarrow. I should try to do something like that. My problem is that I have a wheelbarrow with a completely wrecked tyre. I tried to replace the tyre but new ones are the same price as new wheelbarrows! I don't want to throw away a good wheelbarrow but neither do I want to pay the price of a new one just for the tyre!

  7. Hello! I was wondering if there was a way to contact you via email?


    2. I've now added a contact me form on the blog.

  8. I will be wishing that scents could be transferred via Internet come spring! And new plans? Sounds exciting! How lucky you are that it all went away! We are having an ice storm today over here... Terrible driving!

  9. I hope your new plans involve doing more of what you like to do!