Tuesday, 5 March 2013

March seed planting.

What a treat and a pleasure to be able to do my seed planting in the greenhouse and to make as much mess as I liked! The weather has been beautiful today and so, although it was a very chilly start to the day, I knew that the weather would be good. So the washing was on at 8 this morning and has subsequently dried on the line outside - after years of living in a flat in the past, I still get immense pleasure from something as simple as drying clothes outside.
At the weekend I made another greenhouse bench and a potting table, so the greenhouse is fully equipped now. I only spent £20 as I mostly had offcuts of wood left to use.

So today I have planted:

Tomatoes (Gardeners Delight and Tumblers, which have been highly recommended to me)
Verbena Bonariensis
Shasta Daisies

Definitely run out of windowsill room now, but tomorrow I am taking my seedlings that I planted a month ago to my mum to look after as I have to go to London next week (yes, it is that time of year again - sigh) for 4 weeks, so I have left the new seeds wrapped up in plastic bags to germinate. I am hoping to get home every weekend this time so keep your fingers crossed for me that this works out. I don't think I could bear a repeat of last year.

Last job of the day, I put up a little birdhouse. I don't know if any birds will use it, I hope so, but it looks really pretty anyway.

It is only 2 metres off the ground, which possibly isn't high enough, but sadly is the highest suitable place in the garden. If I have no luck I will rethink.


  1. Needs to be facing north the nest box. O therwise they will fry, even up here! Good luck with your planting.

  2. Oh dear, quite tricky in a south facing garden.

  3. My garden is south facing, I do have one north facing wall and duly put two nest boxes on it. They are still pristine, instead my Pyracantha hedge has been turned into an apartment block as has the Honeysuckle covered arches and a bramble corner that missed the big clean up 3 years ago. All of these have now been left to the birds with just a tidy up after all the fledglings have left. My reward is a mostly insect free garden, no white fly, and never ending birdsong. My dogs keep it cat free and I do not use slug pellets I have a family? of toads for that. Your garden is looking good, let us all hope for less rain this year and lots of sun for the tomatoes.

  4. Fab job with the woodwork skills. Oh how I'd love a greenhouse.
    Here's to a summer of abundant harvests for all !

  5. I've got a very old greenhouse that we managed to move from my parents house after my dad died. It was a gift from his children when he retired. I spent many happy hours in it helping him and had enormous sentimental value. First year I grew plants from seed for the garden and tomatoes and cucumbers which all did really well. Sadly last year I didn't have as much success. It's not put me off though and i'm going to sort out the greenhouse at the weekend so I can start planting. I read your blog everyday and like you decided to write my own. I have only been writing it for just over a week so its all very new. Keep up the good work. Look forward to continuing to read your blog. Jules

    1. That's great, I just had a look at your blog, looks interesting. It wouldn't let me leave any comments thought, not sure why.

    2. Thanks for looking. Not sure either why it wouldn't let you leave a comment? I'm not great at IT so it may be something i've done or not as the case may be. Any ideas gratefully received.

    3. You have it set that only a member of the blog can leave a message and yet there is no obvious way of becoming a member, so it makes it rather difficult. In your settings there will be some options. If you can't find them, I will see if I can help in more detail.

    4. Go into settings, then posts and comments. Under who can leave comments yours must be clicked to only a member, change that to registered user, that should work.

    5. Thanks for that. Would you mind trying it out for me please as i've not that much confidence in my ability! :)

  6. 2m should be plenty high enough. We usually get blue tits in our nest box. What birds are you hoping for? :)

    I'm nervous about planting seeds at the minute. I think that it's meant to get cold again in Bristol later this month. I'll plant some indoor stuff though, like some tomatoes soon! :)

  7. Your garden is looking great. What a difference you have made.

    Sarah x

  8. What progress! Makes me jealous as I watch snow fall in my back yard...

  9. Oh for a handyman who could make greenhouse staging, etc. Yours look very good indeed. I see you have a mini-greenhouse with the plastic cover, so if your garden isn't extremely sheltered, do lash it down with good strong nylon rope and long tent pegs. My home is high on a hill and very windy; last summer my greenhouse was tossed across the garden, spilling and breaking troughs of strawberries and tender seedlings. After it happened twice, I gave up and dismantled it. :(( This was despite it being lashed down and pegged with huge wooden stakes.

  10. Dear Dan,

    I have just finished reading all your posts! Phew. Keep it up! I love reading about your cooking journeys the most. I like taking photos of homemade food too and post them on my Instagram but that's it. If any of my friends ask for the recipe I would include it.

    It is such a joy reading your blog. I'm sure you have heard this many times but I too would want to have a house with a garden in the near future. Been looking up for lands around my area. It's gonna be a bit tricky as I'm going to take care of my mother and would build a house with a small apartment attached to it just so she (and I) could have a bit pf privacy. Can't wait!

    Meanwhile, take care and have a nice day!

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  12. Your greenhouse benches are great - they cost a fortune to buy- good luck with your seeds.

  13. It's been ages since I have come along for a read, so sorry, it's my first night to myself for a while so I am blogging with a glass of vino (bad idea probably!). Wow, I can't believe how productive you are, I can only aspire to that... I am hoping AJ will help me as he's nearly 2 now, and in Spring I want us to be outside loads. Hope London is ok! x

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