Thursday, 5 January 2012

There must be pleasanter ways to spend a rainy day!

Hello everyone,
I am taking the chance to use my friends internet as I still don't have any in my house. I have been spending my days in tedious jobs. First off was wallpaper stripping. I can't actually complain that much, because compared with some wallpapers I have struggled with over the years this came off really very easily. Today I spent the whole day sanding down the walls and then washing up the dust, in preparation to pain the undercoat and woodwork, which I will begin tomorrow. My shoulder is killing me now, my muscled aren't used to this sort of thing it seems, I used to do gymnastics and thought my shoulder muscles were in pretty good shape - clearly not that good!
Anyway, the house will begin to improve when I get some paint on the walls this weekend and next week, so I hope to be a bit more sorted in the next couple of weeks.

I have had the builder in to measure up for my new front door and patio doors - an expense that I could honestly do without, but even I can see that neither of them are offering any security. I am waiting to see what the quote will be. Also the plumber has been back to the 20 year old boiler because it broke down. I think it is living on a wing and a prayer so I hope it has a few more months in it!

Here are some pics of my progress. I've worked like a dog and yet it looks worse! Always the way.

But some nice additions are on the outside.

My dad gave me the smart number 7 and my godparents the nice green trees (I already had the blue pots and think they look good)


  1. Excellent progress Dan! It will be so worth it!

    Get it done whilst the weathers cold and windy.

    Then you'll be able to get out and walk when the weathers great!

    Sft x

  2. Hey, don't beat yourself up about how much you need to do as far as I can see from your pictures your doing great! You look to have really gotten on with the wallpaper stripping and it must be a godsend it's coming off easily. when we moved in here the wallpaper had so many coats of paint on it it came off the walls like a sheet of cardboard. Keep up the good work, your doing great xx

  3. Great progress, no wonder your shoulder is aching. Although it is nice to keep local in jobs getting done, make sure your builder gives you a good quote. We often use local but we still get more than one quote, after recommendations. Keep going!

  4. It looks like you're doing a really good job. I know how things can always look worse than they did until that first lick of paint goes on - then it's wonderful! I think it's great to be making a new start in a new home in the new year. All the best.

  5. Well done with that paper stripping! I can see the hard work you`ve put into this house already.
    You`ll see the difference more when you start painting. Keep up the good work, as it`s going to be well worth your efforts!!

  6. You have done a great job. There's always the pulling apart before the putting together. You've started and it's going to get better and better. You'll have the house the way you want and all your own work. Blood, sweat, tears and love.
    Love from Mum

  7. Thank you for your encouragement everyone, it keeps me going when I discover yet another wall that needs sanding!
    Spent yesterday giving the whole house a primer, which was another mind numbing job, but it is done. Now I will slow down a bit as I want to do the woodwork and I want to make a nice and careful job of it.
    Datacreata, I am using a builder that is a friend so he is doing it for very little labour costs and I am helping him do it and my labour is free! mostly materials so hopefully I will be getting the best price available.
    The bad news is that the boiler broke down again, twice. I guess I can't put off the inevitable - it is 21 years old! Its an unfortunate expense and will put a hole in my budget, but on the bright side - once it is done, it is done for years and will be much more economical to run! Its very cold working in there with no heat though!

  8. It usually looks worse before it looks better Dan!You are doing a great job. Once that first coat of paint goes on it will be transformed, and the more time and effort that goes into the prep the better end result you get. Isn't it great to have a builder friend? Rain was coming into the house via the chimney, so our friend T pointed it for us yesterday , for a very good price. An expense I could have done without, but as you say, once it's done its done for years. The pots look great - I love the zingy green of the little trees against the blue.

  9. It's always a bit scary when all the wallpaper is off, (it's the 'What have I got myself into now?' feeling!}. As others have said, you'll see a huge difference when the paint is on, and judging by the views from you window you're going to have a beautiful house in beautiful place.

  10. It looks great! I remember sanding the walls of the 1st house we moved into when Al brought me to Ireland, such shoulder and neck and back aching work but every time I looked at those walls and all the work we did over the next few years I was so satisfied and it made me feel so at home in a new country. I hope it gives you the same contentment and satisfaction when its done. Besides good hard work is good for the soul :) x

  11. Thanks for following me and welcome!

  12. And the best thing is - the more of yourself that you put into your home, the more it is yours.

    Things that come easy often mean less than those things you have given your all for :) And your blog will be a reminder of the journey you and your new home are travelling along.

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