Saturday, 10 December 2011

Some Pictures.

I have taken a few photos on my phone of the empty rooms of my new house. This can be the starting point, the before pictures as it were. It may take me months, years even, to finish it how I want, but it will be a good reminder of where I started.

The lovely and sunny living room. The patio doors need replacing as they offer no security what so ever and the seal has gone.

The kitchen, pretty basic, don't know if the cookers work yet, but it will have to do for a good while.

The master bedroom

The spare bedroom

The bathroom, not my favourite, but again, perfectly alright to live with until I can afford to change it - never a great fan of a carpeted bathroom!

The garage. One day I hope to convert this to be a part of the house, probably will make it my kitchen, but a lot of saving up before that happens.

So now you have had a tour.

As I was out in the street on my hands and knees reading my water meter earlier today another of my new neighbours drove past waving and with huge smiles on their face. So nice to feel welcomed!


  1. Very, very nice! A blank canvas upon which to imprint your style / requirements and lifestyle.

    I wish you so many happy hours doing that.

    A new start, a life changing action and a wonderful place in which to accomplish all those things that you have lined up, and ahead of you! Exciting times indeed :)

  2. Oh Dan, that looks a fabulous little pad! With a little TLC you will have a perfectly liveable place until you get round to altering it to your specifications. I`m so thrilled for you!!!

    Give yourself and the house a good Christmas present. Or get someone else to give it to you. Please pop over to and see if you can or get someone to purchase their books for you. I recommend two for you to start off with in your new home; get yourself the
    Low Cost Living, and maybe the Easy Jams, Chutneys and Preserves. With a bit of luck a good friend or family member might get them all for you. I can asure you they are worth their weight in gold! Have a great Christmas and New Year. xxxx

  3. Congratulations on your move. I had my fingers crossed for you. Can't wait to read about your great walks and outdoor discoveries. What are you planning for your garden?

    We still haven't changed our pink bathroom since moving in 2 and a half years ago. It's functional so there isn't any point when we have other things we'd like to do with our money.

    Sft x

  4. Thank you Dani, Sarina and SFT. It is, as you say, a brilliant blank canvas and I love that so many of the rooms get beautiful South facing sunshine. Today it is cold, wet and miserable here and yet there was still sun pouring in from somewhere!
    Sarina, I already have the Low Cost Living book and wouldn't be without it, it is great. Time to give it a re-read though, something I try to do now and again just to remind myself of some of their tips. I don't have the east jams, chutneys and preserves though and would definitely like it, will put in a request with a family member!
    SFT, my garden, of course, will be given over to a lot of fruit and veg growing, I am planning on putting in a bramley apple tree, and some fruit bushes, eventually get 3 or 4 raised beds, a green house one day would be nice! Also leave a small area by the patio doors for a table and chairs so I can sit and look at the view in the Summer sunshine.
    Dani, like you say, exciting times indeed and now I have to make some of my decorating ideas concrete, luckily paint doesn't cost much yet can really transform the space!

  5. I am *ridiculously* excited for you! I truly am.

    Good luck with it all and I shall be looking forward to the updates no matter how long they take to come!

  6. This is and exciting journey. Can't wait to see results.
    Love from Mum

  7. Looks great - good luck with moving in and the work you are planning. Love to see the end result!

  8. I'm so pleased for you and I look forward to seeing the results of your paintbrush wielding. You have a great start with such light and bright rooms, and transformations don't have to cost the earth. I've found that loving where I live and having good neighbours has made all the hard work needed to sort the house out seem less important somehow. I'm so happy here that I feel more able to live with all the house's imperfections - something I've never felt in our other homes. I wish you good luck and much happiness in your new home. x

  9. I'm sure it won't take long to make this home. A bit of paint and a little more elbow grease is always a good start. Have fun with your new adventure. Maa

  10. My son moved into a fixy-up just a few weeks ago, splashed the paint round and did a bit of remedial work in the kitchen, still have one or two bits to see too, wants to finish them before he tackles smashing up the concrete slab the previous owners covered the garden with. He plans to put in a patio and raised beds (I brought him up right you see)so he can grow his own fruit and veg. He has made a really good start.

  11. Those big windows look lovely, im sure you'll have it looking homely in no time :) Im glad your neighbours are friendly it makes all the difference.

    ps im not a fan of carpet bathrooms either... why would you do that!?

  12. Looks like an exciting blank canvas to make into your own home! Lots of potential to put your 'stamp' on it - congratulations.


  13. Looks great ! The only bad bit is the patio door and that is at the back anyway. Put a rod down to make it more secure. Plenty of room and the kitchen and bathroom are very nice. You have to live in a place for a bit to get the full scope of it. Exciting !!

  14. Its so exciting all that plotting and will get there in the end. Nice that the neighbours are friendly.

  15. How exciting for you! I'm sure you'll be the kind of neighbor everyone loves. Keep us updated on progress. As for the bathroom, I totally hear ya, the farm we just bought had a bathroom with carpet. First thing I did was pull that up. Found some inexpensive sheet vinyl to put down, and it will do until we can put something better like tile, later on.

    Congrats again!

  16. What a wonderful adventure you are embarking upon! Congratulations on becoming a homeowner!!!

  17. Home making isn't easy but it will end up being "YOU". For Heavens sake,why would they carpet a bathroom :o( a throw rug for cold feet could at least be washed :o( ugh!