Saturday, 11 June 2011

Elderflower stockpile

Elderflowers are now pretty much finished here in the South of London. I am happy to have my nine 750ml bottles of home made elderflower cordial, and at a rough guess this cost me about £5 to make. The equivalent in Sainsburys is £2.88 for 500ml so the same amount of cordial bought there as I have made would come to £40.32. Meaning a saving of £35.32 and the peace of mind of knowing exactly what went into mine. I would probably have made more and experimented with Elderflower champagne, but anything I make now will have to be shifted when I move house, so I will save all of that for next years harvest.

It just shows how much money can be saved when you make something yourself. I enjoy cordials and would love to experiment with some other ones. I have only made the elderflower and also some lemon barley water. Anyone have any good cordial recipes to share, I would be very interested!

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