Sunday, 10 April 2011

Welcome to my blog

Hello all, my name is Dan and I welcome you to my blog. I am committed to living in a less materialistic way and to embrace more and more a self-sufficient (ish) way of living and to to get back to a make do and mend sort of lifestyle.
At the moment I am living in London and my first step is to put my small flat on the market and to move to a more countrified location. I will, hopefully, in the next few months, be selling up here and moving back to my roots in Lancashire. it is lucky to be able to move from South to North as selling a flat here should enable me to buy a house with a garden there with a fairly small mortgage. Once there I hope to move back toward living in a different way, using the garden to grow edibles, cooking and storing my produce with help from freezer, preserving, bottling, drying etc. I want to experiment with making products such as hand-creams, soap etc., brew my own wine and beer, make cordials and generally find new ways to live a hopefully more green and less materialistic life.
Meanwhile I am still in London in a flat which may or may not sell quickly, so while I am waiting I am going to begin by learning as many techniques and practise some of the things I hope to do.
This blog is going to be my diary of my slow but sure bid for self-sufficiency.
More to follow.


  1. Hello Dan,
    Looking forward to catching up on your posts (when time allows) and following your adventure.
    Best regards,
    John (aka Murphyfish)

  2. Thanks John, I enjoy your blog very much and look forward to reading more of it.

  3. Hi Dan

    I am about to spend a wet wooly Tasmanian day reading your blog from end to end. Keep up the good work, good to see you home.



  4. I have only just discovered your blog today but I am going to read it from start to finish as I find it fascinating that as a fellow Lancastrian who also travelled far from home but ended up back where it all started we seem to crave home when we get older

    1. Welcome here, good luck getting through it all!