Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Snow came again yesterday and I got stuck in, unable to drive again. I had to go to Bacup so decided to walk it instead, an hour each way. Was very enjoyable although I have a sore foot now as walking a long way in wellies is never great for the feet.
I was worried I was going to get stuck in again today, because I was planning on visiting my father but there seems to have been a steady melt all night and I think that I will be fine, although driving over the Pennine hills is alway a bit hairy in bad conditions.
I know I said that I had finished with the seed buying, but over the weekend I found a shop selling off a lot of their seeds for 10p a packet so couldn't resist. Bought some hollyhocks which I will put down in a couple of months, these won't flower until Summer 2014 but they are such a lovely flower, it is worth the wait. I bought some echinacea seeds, candytuft (no idea what these are, but they look like pretty pink flowers) and 1 pack had in it night scented stock,  sweet alyssum and lavender seed - not bad for 10p. I've never attempted to grow lavender from seed and imagine it is a very slow process, but it is worth a try. Can never resist a bargain.
I can envisage my windowsills being very full over the next 3 months.


  1. A good investment for little money. It will be nice to see flowery pics on your blog.

  2. that is a lonnnng walk! Your flower choices sound lovely,

  3. Hollyhocks!! Beautiful! I once grew them from seed, and amazingly they did flower a little the first year. I hope yours flower too! It's always sort of a surprise gift, you know?

    Anyway, I don't often comment, but I do love to read. The way you follow your dreams is greatly inspiring mine. Thank you for that! (I am hoping to give up my job, sell my current house which is far from family, move closer to family and build a "tiny house" to avoid a mortgage at all, and then eventually find some land to rent or to buy to park it on. Then perhaps I could have my own little cottage garden of hollyhocks! Perhaps a "garden in a bucket" until then?? I do tend to crave that...

    Wishing you a safe drive to visit your father and wishing him well too, Lynne from middle of NY.

    1. Thanks for the comment, it is lovely to have you here and I am glad you enjoy it. I hope your dream works out, and best of luck - you won't look back!

  4. Candytuft are a great annual flower and if you leave them to reseed, they will come up each year from seed. They were one of the first flowers I grew as a child.

  5. Ah, snow. We're supposed to get 12-14 inches in the Boston area Friday-Saturday (and 4-8 inches where I live specifically, on the Cape). When it's cold and snowy, it's fun to plan your garden and think of sunny days!

  6. Do not be afraid of sowing lavender. I've sown English & Dwarf Munstead both under lights in early spring, or WinterSown in containers - either way they sprout and thrive and even bloom the first year. Go for it.

  7. I planted hollyhocks last year - so, fingers crossed, I should have a good display this year - hope so, cos I luv em

  8. I can see I am going to be spending lots of time going through your inspirational blog.Keep up the great work :)