Saturday, 2 February 2013

Seeds Seeds Seeds

Thank you all for your kind wishes for my dad yesterday, much appreciated.

I am having a well earned weekend of pottering about now and as February is here and Spring is approaching I have been fully turning my attention to seeds. This is such an exciting time of the year, deciding what I want to grow.

I have been collecting seeds over the last few months, bought a few, was given a few, had a few left over from last year and suddenly, how many do I have?!? A huge amount, far too many probably. Oh well. very exciting.

Trying to sort them out

The first thing was to sort them out - this is easier said than done. I started by trying to put them into order of planting, but this became complicated too quickly as some had short windows of opportunity for planting and some had long and I could not decide.
So then I ordered them firstly into flowers and veg categories and then took aside anything that wanted to go in seed trays this month. That was sweet peas, leeks, lobelia and sweet william. I then had a category for seeds that went direct into the ground outside later in the year and one for seeds that went in between March and April. Sorted. Of course, I am bound to forget what's what in a months time and will end up doing the whole process again. Good job I have an organised soul, I love it.

My dad has always religiously put his sweet peas in pots on the 1st February and so I was a day late and did 2nd. I have saved some back to put straight outside in April for a later flowering. Happily it is a lovely sunny day here today to potter about outside.

This summer I am going to get myself very organised and collect the seeds from the garden wherever I can to keep for next year.I got a bit overwhelmed last year and kind of missed the opportunity.

Do any of you keen gardeners have seed ordering techniques?


  1. I havent ordered any seeds yet! I have such a small garden that I have decided to buy little plug plants for most things. I will go halves with my mum to spread the cost out.I did save some sweet pea seeds from last years so I have those!

  2. I saved Poppy seeds from last year, but not sure when to scatter them (or is it best to start them in trays?) I have no idea!
    My garden is an "if it" garden - scatter seeds or plant things in the soil, then "if it" grows - Great! and "if it" doesn't? Ah well, there's always next year.
    I spent a couple of hours on Friday pulling up weeds/persistent grass and then spent Saturday ooh-ing and aaah-ing every time I moved!!

  3. I've just wrote a post about how I organise my seeds. I've done the first sowing of the year today, very exciting to finally get going.