Thursday, 4 October 2012

Blackberry and Raspberry Jam

Today I went to pick some final blackberries of the season. I got completely wet feet having made the ridiculous decision not to wear my wellies and only about 250g of blackberries, but it was worth it. I combined them with 250g of raspberries and decided to make blackberry and raspberry jam from it. I had some preserving sugar that I really wanted to use up, because it had gone a bit wet and soggy to say the least.

A small hoard.

Some raspberries from the freezer.

Combine and soften in  a pan.

Add half a kilo of preserving sugar and the juice of a lemon and dissolve.

Added a couple of star anise

and brought to a rolling boil until at setting point.

Job done. 2 pots of blackberry and raspberry jam for my breakfast, mmmmmmmm. I'm off to France this afternoon with work, so I will be absent until next week. Have a fun weekend, one and all.


  1. Never thought of using star anise. I also don't using preserving sugar and my jam works out well. If I'm using a recipe that has no apples in it or fruit that has low pectin, then a lemon will help set it as you have stated. Have a good weekend.

    1. Star Anise was mentioned in the recipe I was looking at so thought I would give it a try. I don't usually use preserving sugar either, but as I had some anyway...

  2. We got a whopping crop of five blackberries from our bushes this year...the drought hit hard.
    Jane x
    PS The jam looks so delicious!

  3. They must like the rain. My mum had an enormous crop that is still going.

  4. Delicious. It will go very nicely on some crumpets for breakfast.

  5. Looks fab, I really should make my own jam! My friend Alison will only eat her own home made jam!

  6. Home made bread spread with homemade jam is just delicious and in a completely different league to anything which can be bought in a shop. Hope you've had a safe journey, and that work goes well.

  7. Sigh. Yum. Have a nice trip!

  8. The jam looks fab, Dan. One of the never made befores but the list is a little smaller today as I made apple chutney and green tomato chutney, and it tasted yummy. I read that currants, blueberry's etc should be watered from a butt only as tap water was far too harsh for them, hence them doing so well in the rain. Have a great trip x x x x x

  9. Lovely jam but I couldn't be doing with all those seeds so I would have made jelly instead. Enjoy and have a good trip.