Saturday, 1 June 2013

Nice to be missed and a weekend in Brighton

Hello everyone. Big apologies for most of May being missed on my blog, I have pretty much been away since my last post, but had a lovely time. Plenty to blog about. I don't seem to have lost any followers but sorry for the massive gap.

Rather than drive home every weekend, I had a gorgeous long weekend in Brighton with a very good friend, visiting the open art houses which are part of the Brighton festival. For those of you who don't know, Brighton is a very artistic city and hundreds of artists open their houses up for the public to wander into every weekend in May and admire their artwork (and nose around the houses, fingering their dusty knick-knacks). I didn't buy anything, as most of it was very expensive but we had a lot of fun, admiring skill and sniggering at the people who are not so skilled but still think their artwork deserves £400 price tags.

Some people go to town decorating the front of their houses.

And some exhibits want to to kill you.

I have never really been to this city and it was good to be shown around by someone local and  knowledgeable. We visited the lanes, which are full of interesting shops that sell everything you could never want. Anyone for some dolls of pure evil?

It was perfect weather and the Pavillion looked lovely in the sunshine, as did we, of course.

and then a quick trip down the pier.

We went to lots of coffee shops and had fun just wandering around the museum and an old Regency house (with some very dubious art installations films of fish swimming backwards) inexplicable to my mind, but good for a laugh. The house itself was a wonderful example, although in the middle of renovation.

For a city break, this was a charming place and so much nicer a city to visit than London. I recommend it very highly. It gave me a much needed boost in the middle of a difficult few weeks away.

And many thanks to Adrian for a lovely weekend and very good photos (as you can see, they are a cut above my usual photographic offerings).

Next time, more on what has been happening in the garden at home, some sourdough delights and lemon curd.


  1. Welcome back! Must say, I like your newly written 'about me' Will be interested to see your garden photographs - is it much overgrown?

    1. haha, yes, thanks for the reminder, I completely forgot that I would have to alter that.

  2. Welcome back! Looking forward to the lemon curd :)

  3. Welcome back to Blogland and thanks for the tour of Brighton.
    Love from Mum

  4. I was visiting the UK from Canada last week and went to London and Brighton. I love them both! Didn't have time to explore the festival, though :(

  5. Hi, It's good to see you back. As much as I like reading about your house and garden, I love to get a glimpse into your other life as well. All part of your rich tapestry. I must visit Brighton one day. They have a similar artists open house weekend at Saltaire near Bradford, try and get to see that if you are around.

  6. Lovely to have you back. Glad you had such a good time in my neck of the woods. Brighton is a queer sort of place. Everything is artsy fartsy during the summer, and the prices for items are high. Come to think of it, prices for pretty much everything is high here, and that includes property. As you said, a visit is good for a laugh. I tend to stay out of Brighton unless I have desperate need for something specific. The Lanes are an experience though. Glad you had time to see it.

  7. So happy to see you back, Dan!! I've just finished reading through all your blog...and have enjoyed it very much. We're on the same wavelength as far as growing veggies and living the frugal, simple life. Looking forward to hearing more of your life. Deb from West Virginia in USA