Sunday, 2 June 2013

Garden bursting into Summer.

Well it was a long time coming, but the garden has erupted while I have been away. A few flowers here and there, but mostly the promise of much to come.

The Pearl d'Azur clematis has taken well and I can't wait until the time that it eventually climbs over the whole archway with it's sky blue flowers.

This is what i call the Azalea bed, even though there is only one azalea in it - the tall thing in the middle. Remember last year it had mildew, well this year, so far, it is as healthy as a vegetarian athlete. The azelea was the first ever thing to go into this new bed last year (hence the name) and I bought it after flowering time, so I still have no idea what colour it is. Some people may thing this is an odd thing to look forward to, but I can't wait until it bursts forth with it's wonderful flowers. Also in this bed are delphiniums, alliums, wallflowers, sweetpeas, Shasta daisies, mint and forget-me-nots (I think) and a bright red old fashioned rambling rose on the right, ready to go over the wooden archway.

This potted azelea is about to come out in flower too. It was another one I didn't know the colour of and it promises deep pink flowers soon.

The central bed is all planted up now (canes in the middle are to deter the pooing cat). Sweet peas, lavender, nasturtiums, sweet william, foxgloves, delphiniums, hollyhocks, lupins, iris and something I forgot to label! haha. It's like a chorus of Percy Grainger.

The decking pots are all coming along nicely, I love it on here, it is a complete jumble of sweetpeas, clematis, tomatoes, fruit bushes, geraniums and loads more.

The other side. The lovely standard baytree was a 40th birthday gift from a friend.

Sometimes a gamble ends up being a wonderful surprise. I bought this plant from B and Q last year, 10p because it was finished and unlabeled. It clung on like a small dried up weed over winter and then this happened! It is so pretty. I think it is nemesia but someone may like to put me right on that. A 10p bargain indeed.

The raised vegetable bed now has sown into it leeks, spring onions, runner beans, broad beans, lettuce, rocket, carrots and purple sprouting broccoli. Some are looking better than others (I have never had much success with leeks and carrots are a first for me)

The Tess of the d'Urbevilles rose is beginning it's climb up the obelisk. I planted a potato plant (the purple flowers) alongside it to hopefully entangle itself in there too.

While I was away I bought this tin bath, I though it would be perfect for something in the garden.

I have drilled holes in the base and added plenty of crocks. Next spring I thought it would look good absolutely filled with one colour of tulips, but for now, I have filled it with 22 bright red geraniums.

It should looks stunning when they all come out.

Not much left in seed trays now. There are some pots with fresia in, some with gladioli. Some night scented stock and some cornflowers, all in their seedling stage, but most things are looking good. Weirdly the worst thing that I tried to grow from seed this year was the lobelia. I tried two sorts and neither have come to much. Well, you live and learn.


  1. I don't usually have any luck with lobelia either. Bay tree is beautiful, might need to wrap and put it in the greenhouse over winter though. Mine stayed outdoors, triple wrapped and I still lost some of its top bit. Love the tin bath, that will be a joy.

  2. Lovely garden! You are certainly green fingered. I`m not good with flower growing, but seem to be ok with veggies.

  3. Love the tin bath!! Thank you for sharing your garden with us--it's beautiful!

  4. Its all looking good Dan. Just wait til everything is mature, it will be stunning.

  5. All is flourishing in your garden. It's a credit to you and your hard work. Now you are reaping the rewards in enjoyment.
    Love from Mum

  6. I like the decking Dan, I could sit out there for ages taking in the view. You might need to put longer canes in for the runner beans, I use 6ft canes and they grow way higher than that. I know you can pinch the tops out though so you might like to choose the height you want them to grow to.

  7. Looks so full of promise, love it! Thanks for sharing.

  8. It all looks wonderful.

    I love your tin bath, it's like a smaller version of mine, I'll have to look out for one like that, mine's full of salady things, yours is going to look brilliant when those geraniums all burst into flower.

  9. How lovely - I took rescue plants from B&Q and you can get some great bargains that way. I have planted delphs in a galvanized bucket this year and that seems to have kept the slugs away - for the first time ever. I am very slightly addicted to tin baths and watering cans....
    Hope that it is sunny for you today
    Best wishes

  10. PS - meant to say that I remember Percy Edwards and his amazing whistling and tried very hard as a child to copy him....