Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Hand soap

OK, so liquid hand soap doesn't really cost a fortune in the first place, but we seem to go through it at an alarming rate.
Well a tip I came across recently (which I admit to being slightly dubious about at first) was instead of buying hand soap, go to your supermarket and buy one of their cheap bubble bath liquid and refill from there. Well the one I bought was 55p for a litre from Sainsbury (bearing in mind that Sainsbury's own brand hand soap is 80p for 250 ml, making this a very big saving). Well, I have to admit to being a convert! There is nothing wrong with it at all, does the job every bit as well for a fraction of the cost. And what after all is hand soap? I can't really find much difference between the two. You still have a nice variety of smells.

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