Friday, 30 January 2015

Gardening Books

I absolutely adore books and have literally hundreds. But I have a large bookshelf devoted entirely to gardening books. I can't get enough of them. People sometimes say to me 'but why do you have so many? most of them must tell you the same thing' and in some cases this is true, but lots of them contain wisdom that you find nowhere else.
I know that nothing really beats hands on experience in the garden but on a cold winter's evening, browsing through a lovely book, reading about all the things that are possibilities come spring, looking at some photos of a beautiful border or flower and, well, it brings a little bit of Spring or Summer into my house.
However, I think that only a very small handful of 3 or 4 books were actually bought new, the joy of gardening books is that other people seem to throw them out! Most of mine have come from charity shops and I have yet to go into a charity shop that hasn't got a single book on the subject. Mostly they are priced around £1.50 to £2 and this is really a bargain when you consider the a gardening magazine will set you back about £4 and won't contain nearly as much information or photographs as most of these books.

These are my two latest acquisitions:

The price of each was £1.50 and at over 200 pages each that's a lot of book for your money.

So you know what I'll be doing this evening!

Snowed in again here. SO pretty but SO annoying.


  1. That is such an interesting way of looking at in, amount of pages for your money. Enjoy your reading.

    1. They have been a godsend on these long winter nights.

  2. I had a good old clear out of gardening books and only have a handful left - but they are ones I go back to a lot. Most of mine come from charity shops too - such good value for money. I see one is by Lance Hatatt whose blog I follow - and can you believe it but he doesn't have a garden any longer!

  3. A man after my own heart! I also love gardening books as much as gardening. The only problem is that I have been buying them for much longer than you and I can see that I will have to start getting rid of some soon. Many of the older books are much more informative. They do not have the beautiful pictures but they give you a lot more information.