Saturday, 1 March 2014

Spring Time

Oh yes, we've made it to the official first day of Spring, and rather than the weekend of promised snow the papers have been over-emphasising, I have woken up to the most beautiful weather for a long, long time here in Lancashire. Sunny and bright, but there is a Spring change in the air too. I know we are expecting a cold spell next week, but nothing can dampen the spirits on a beautiful Spring day such as this

To begin with this photo will only make sense as being amusing to anyone who knows Victoria Wood:

A new shop has opened up near me, one wonders at their using this name.

(Sorry to those who don't get it, but Acorn Antiques was a fictitious shop used in a spoof soap opera in the 1980's, you'll understand why it so amused me if you remember it)

So I have been out gardening (of course), getting on top of any potential weeds before they get on top of me for starters.

But first let me show you my new toy:

A cold frame. I have wanted one of these for ages and was delighted to find one being sold off at a garden centre for a song (OK, not literally).

Protected from any frosts are my new project of a herb bowl which so far has in it sage, oregano, thyme and lemon balm. On the left are some campanula, hollyhocks and delphiniums.

On the subject of my electric propogator all I can say is WOW. These things really work. I have had trouble germinating seeds in the past because I keep a relatively cool house and sometimes they have taken weeks to germinate. Well these surpassed all expectations and had all germinated within a week. In fact they are well on their way.

The sweet peas are huge after just 2 weeks:

Way too big actually, the trick will be in slowing things down (yes, you don't need to say it, I know I was too early, I just couldn't help myself).

Other things are not quite so far on fortunately, but happy enough.

I have put up a trellis and hanging basket for use later in the season. The plan at the moment is to plant a pot of morning glory for the trellis and I haven't decided what will go in the hanging basket yet.

The photo highlights that I really need to get the jet wash to deal with the moss on the brickwork. I will borrow my brother's when I next see him.

My pot of iris are looking lovely.

Here is today's view of the garden:

The new bed is a bit bare, but you just wait. But the grass is in such a state!

Finally a photo of my self inflicted wound, done during the night - who knows what I was dreaming about but it wasn't fluffy bunnies:



  1. My DB says 'take more water with it'! Re your propagator, you will still need a layer of fleece if the temperature is going to drop much below freezing (I have a greenhouse version of this and last year nearly lost some plants. Do I detect a bit of weight loss? Looking good my friend, looking good.

    1. Yes, I've put some fleece ready for that eventuality. As for weight loss -no, gain if anything., hahaha

  2. What interesting dreams you must have! Lol

    Be careful with that lemon balm, it's a will seed itself EVERYWHERE given half a chance.

  3. Remember to pinch out your sweet peas after they get 3 sets of leaves so they bush up nicely and encourage good root growth

    1. I will, but they just aren't quite ready for that yet.

  4. Now what the hell happened?
    Did you fall out of bed?

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  6. Loved Acorn Antiques - does Mrs Overall work there!
    The sunshine nearly got me out into the garden too, trouble is it's like the Somme out there. I keep wishing it would snow as it's the only time the garden looks good at this time of year!
    Hope your nose is better, I'd love to know what you were dreaming about :-)
    P.S. There are some monster turnip photos on my blog if you fancy a laugh!

  7. Thank you for the tip, I didn't realise that. I will move him to his own pot if he looks like he's getting too overbearing with the others.

  8. Were you bitten during the night? It was warm here today as well.

  9. My spouse (who is from the UK) bought a DVD of Acorn Antiques and we enjoyed it greatly. I got the same kind of wound on my nose a few weeks ago when I pulled too hard on a door and opened it into my face!

  10. Don`t tell us that you are prone to sleep walking? My eldest son did that a few times and ended up with bumps and cuts like yours.

  11. My dad always used to do this to his sweet peas :)

  12. Yay Spring is coming...! Very nice. So sorry though about your wound. That's kind of crazy huh? Definitely not fluffy bunnies, ha.

  13. Your garden looks stunning! I can't wait for my next visit, so homesick for the UK!!!

  14. You can always pinch out those sweet peas.